Who we are

The Vienna based broadcasting solution expert STRYME knows best for more than a decade. As a long-term supplier of the Austrian Broadcast Corporation (ORF), STRYME is a renowned and trusted industry partner. We are proud of our wide range of different projects, locally in Austria and internationally, in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia or South Korea.

What we do

Our unique mission has been providing and developing tailored professional broadcast and automation solutions for broadcasters all around the world. By supporting the latest technologies, we grant smoothness and high-availability for efficient operational continuity and regular maintenance with almost passionate perfectionism.

Clemens Czepe

Chief Technical Officer

„With STRYME you are in terms of price and technology ahead of your competition without worrying about technical specifications or error-proneness, and focus on what matters most!”

"Reducing costs, time and space for optimum performance are not a challenge but STYRME’s mission. In other words – just more."




Our vision

The Austrian market leader strives for uncompromising quality and reliable, innovative solutions to simplify, speed up and optimize your daily broadcast workflows. We understand our customer’s needs and therefore offer flexible and failsafe broadcast solutions and even cut unnecessary costs & time.

Goce Zdravkoski, MBA

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

„It’s not about offering the latest industry features (we do that anyway), but about meeting our user’s expectations. Just experience how we from STRYME simplify and automate your daily working processes.”