STRYME Company

so simple, so efficient


Located in Vienna, STRYME has been providing and developing tailored professional broadcast and automation solutions for small, medium-sized and specialized broadcasters for more than 11 years. The Austrian market leader is known for uncompromising quality and reliable out-of-the box solutions that simplify, speed up and optimize daily broadcast workflows.

When reliability video server matters most,
STRYME is the right choice.

As a long-term supplier of the Austrian Broadcast Corporation (ORF), STRYME is a renowned and trusted industry partner. The company has implemented a wide range of different projects, locally in Austria and internationally, in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia or South Korea.

Delivering a channel is complex. Its many interconnected elements cost money, they require efficient management and need regular maintenance. This is where STRYME steps into the picture – with reliable, high-availability solutions for broadcasters. We understand our customers’ needs and therefore offer flexible and failsafe broadcast solutions that fit both market requirements and the budget of our customers.

Our products reflect the needs of the market. They support the latest technologies and are unique in terms of performance, stability and flexibility. We work hard to offer our clients tailored solution to grant smoothness in daily broadcast. Whether project work or GENESIX: we are proud of offering our customers a benefit that goes far beyond technical quality. While we increase your performance we reduce your costs – to give you the competitive edge. Our experienced and well-established team of consultants and developers guides and advises you to realize your projects. Our support ranges from advice and development right up to integration and realization during the entire project phase. In doing so, we take up challenges with almost passionate perfectionism!



Goce Zdravkoski, MBA

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

„Since the broadcast industry faces new challenges in today’s digital reality, STRYME is best equipped for the industry’s needs - for today and for tomorrow. It’s not about offering the latest industry features, but about meeting our user’s expectations. Just experience how we from STRYME simplify and automate your working processes daily.”


Clemens Czepe

Chief Development Officer

„Businesses like yours with similar day-to-day necessities profit from our customer-fitted solutions. With our innovative products and services we design the workflow of experts and specialists more fluent and easier. You don’t need to worry about technical specifications and hardware, with STRYME you can focus on what matters most!”