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Tuesday, 07.02.2012

Genesix playout takes step forward

Playout outsourcing with Genesix VideoServer and ORS

A few years ago, no one would have thought it possible that one day televisions would be small enough to fit inside a pocket. Nowadays, we don’t think twice about using our mobile phone to watch TV while we’re on the move. User benefits speak for themselves. Similarly, broadcasters benefit from the giant leaps with which IT has advanced in recent years. Gone are the days where multi-channel playouts had to rely solely on large and expensive black box systems. Based on standard IT and technologies, highly advanced and innovative solutions have opened up new opportunities. They set the trend for smaller, faster and better broadcasting IT. Customer demands for increased flexibility and improved benefits packed in top-quality yet affordable solutions added impetus to these market developments. Increasingly, markets in Asia, Russia or India demand reliable and flexible multi-channel broadcasting solutions at reasonable prices. 

Powerful multi-channel Genesix VideoServer 

STRYME experts have long since taken heed of these changes and decided on two new products: a high-class multi-channel solution, fulfilling exacting requirements, and a single-channel Small Business TV Station, offering complete functionality for a 24/7 operation. 

With the new, sophisticated Genesix VideoServer, a powerful multi-channel ingest, graphic and playout solution, STRYME has taken its earlier state-of-the-art Genesix Playout version one step further. The fully-fledged Genesix VideoServer provides everything needed to simply and flexibly operate a failsafe TV station on a PC basis - from ingest and planning to playout. It builds on proven playout features (playout automation, overlay graphics, character generator, traffic management, asset management, program scheduling, etc.) and ensures reliable operation as well as integration into existing infrastructures and workflows. In addition, it is equipped with topnotch IT components and video boards that fulfill even the most demanding requirements. Just like its predecessor, the Genesix VideoServer supports all industry-standard codecs and formats (DV, DVCPRO, MPEG2, D10, Sony XDCAM, P2, Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, etc.), thus guaranteeing maximum compatibility and flexibility. 

STRYME CEO, Mr. Goce Zdravkoski, elaborates: “Our Genesix VideoServer is more than just a Channel in a Box. With standard, yet reliable and top quality IT components, such as HP DL370 and a powerful video board, such as the Matrox X.MIO2, it can support up to 8 SD/HD channels simultaneously! Furthermore, all common codecs and broadcasting formats are taken care of. This offers customers an enormous flexibility. They can choose the components that best suit their needs.” He adds: “We made sure that the Genesix VideoServer is not only an efficient but also a reasonably priced and cost-effective solution. More and more broadcasters are facing stringent budget restrictions and many have to grapple with declining advertising revenue. Despite that, we wanted to offer our customers the best money can buy – and stay affordable.” 

TVB-Europe Feb 2012 By David Stewart (Page 27/28)


Outsourcing in a Playout Farm 

STRYME has made best use of the Genesix VideoServer benefits by teaming up with the Austrian Broadcasting Services (ORS) to develop and launch a novel business model which can handle the entire workflow: the Playout Farm. The idea is simple as well as effective: in the Playout Farm, ORS combines a central storage with a number of flexible multi-channel playouts (each serving up to 8 channels simultaneously) based on the Genesix VideoServer and rents these out to private TV stations, complete with a planning tool and the possibility to simply upload files via FTP. In other words, the Playout Farm allows TV stations to outsource their entire playout system. ORS takes care of the rest and guarantees a tailored, real-time and failsafe broadcasting service, via satellite or terrestrial broadcasting, DVB, etc. 

TV stations enjoy unprecedented benefits. The Playout Farm fully replaces high investment costs and, given the fact that the Genesix VideoServer supports all codecs and formats, another cost advantage derives from the flexibility of customized services: TV stations only pay for the services they need. Playout Farm services are also available immediately. Even smaller TV stations can thus be up and running in no time. Mr. Anton Zodl, ORS Head of DVB Operations, emphasizes: “Genesix has proven its flexibility and cost-effectiveness time and again. We therefore had no second thoughts about choosing STRYME as a reliable partner to launch and realize this innovative project.”

By opening up the opportunity for playout outsourcing to a provider, STRYME has also opened its doors to an entirely new customer base. STRYME CEO, Mr. Goce Zdravkoski, points out: “We are fully aware of the fact that outsourcing one’s playout means outsourcing the very core of one’s system. Therefore, and to remove any doubt, we have made double sure that the Playout Farm provides a more reliable and failsafe service for playout systems. Naturally, we will present all these features and benefits at the NAB in Las Vegas.” 

From multi-channel to single channel 

For small TV stations such multi-channel solutions are still beyond reach. They require a small budget alternative, without having to compromise quality. STRYME has therefore developed an all-in-one TV solution GENESIX ONE which is limited to one input and one output channel. The beauty: even the tightest budgets can afford its unbeatable price of less than EURO 10K! 

Still uncertain as to what a Channel in a Box can do for you? Convince yourself at the NAB! 

About ORS 

The ORS Group is made up of Austrian Broadcasting Services GmbH & Co KG (ORS) and its subsidiary ORS comm. GmbH & Co KG (ORS comm.). Besides the public service broadcaster ORF, ORS customers include practically all private TV and Radio providers in Austria as well as international customers, mobile communication companies, local authorities and emergency services. They all use the ORS infrastructure for point-to-point radio communication, radio services and antenna installation sites. 

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