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Vizrt Inside

With ‘Vizrt inside‘ as a fully integrated module, the GENESIX VideoServer V7 combines the best from STRYME with Vizrt in a box at a reasonable price. The new end-to-end solution offers unrivalled benefits for first-class live coveragesand state-of-the-art news and studio productions. Small, medium-sized and specialized broadcasters can step up their channel branding, use animated 3D scenes in real time and produce high-end animations in HD.

The GENESIX VideoServer V7.5 with ‘Vizrt inside’ uses a common video and hardware environment as well as a professional client/server product architecture.

The basic GENESIX-VIZRT Package includes:

·         Dual Viz Engine adapted for GENESIX

·         Plugins Bundle (Viz Text FX, Viz Image FX, Viz Pixel FX, Viz Real FX, VizSpline FX)

·         Media Sequencer Engine adapted for GENESIX

·         Viz Trio adapted for GENESIX

GENESIX V7.5 Folder
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