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Support & Guarantee


STRYMESupport & Maintenance Packages fit your business needs – now and in the future.

STRYME’s Support & Main­tenance Packages have been designed to perfectly meet your needs and budgets. Whether it is a basic question that relates to the software or a rapid response you need from our engineers to solve a problem, STRYME’s new Support & Maintenance Packages cover every eventuality. For a more customized solution with self-defined response times and daily services, we even offer a special Elite Support Agreement. Minor and major upgrades ensure that your system is always state-of-the-art – for no additional charge.

STRYME’s multi-year Support & Maintenance Packages perfectly match the product for which they have been purchased – whether you are budget-conscious or simply appreciate low maintenance costs. Our Basic Support and the Premium Support enable you to reactivate your license once. The Elite Support Agreement enables you to reactivate your license up to 3 times. We advise you to choose your Support & Maintenance Package either at the time you purchase a product license or during the 30-day period immediately thereafter.


Our Basic Support Package provides you with the general support you may need via web and email during CET office hours. It covers problems that do not require immediate assistance, such as general software issues. The Premium Support Package and the Elite Support Agreement ensure that you receive daily assistance within a short or even self-defined response time. Your requests will be answered and handled by our 1st and 2nd level engineers and prioritized in the work process.

Basic Support Package

The Basic Support Package provides installation and configuration support and assists users with handling, licensing issues, bug fixes or bug reports. Minor new system releases, such as upgrading from Version 5.1 to 5.2, are also part of the Basic Package.

Premium Support Package

STRYMEs Premium Support Package provides you with the most effective help when uptime is critical and short response times are needed. The Premium Support Package has been designed to fit your specific business needs and personal preferences. The service is available via web and telephone - 365 days a year. This packages includes online training as well as prioritized access to our engineers who treat your requests and related work with equal priority. Our Premium Package offers you predefined processes for escalations and elevations, and includes minor and major system releases, such as upgrading from Version 4 to 5, to make sure your system is always state-of-the-art.

Elite Support Agreement

When being prepared for any eventuality is indispensable, STRYME’s Elite Support Agreement is the right choice. It guarantees the recovery of your system, the supply of spare kits and a self-defined response time, that fits your special business needs. This Agreement includes not just 1st level support, it provides you with second level problem analysis by STRYME’s experts to sustain you with the most customized help one can find. The Elite Support Agreement also includes minor and major system updates, configuration and license support and offers the option to reactivate your product license up to 3 times. To ensure your system runs failsafe, this SMP also includes system health checks and anti virus services. To maximize your operation throughout, the Elite Agreement includes personal training via TeamViewer and via on site service.



Hardware and Software Guarantee

STRYME hardware and software products may come with a 1-year, 3-year, 5-year or 5-yearPLUS limited guarantee period. STRYME may offer different delivery methods for the provision of guarantee services, including but not limited to the delivery of parts and products, remote or on-site services and maintenance. Renewals and extensions of the hardware and software guarantee may also be offered after products have been purchased. To determine the extent of the guarantee that came with your hardware and software products, or the guarantee renewal or extension that you purchased, see the packaging information, invoice, receipt and/or other sales documentation. Some of the hardware components you purchased may have a shorter guarantee period than that listed on your packaging information, invoice, receipt and/or other sales documentation. Additional information and details related to the guarantee period are listed below.

What is covered by STRYME’s Hardware and Software Guarantee?

STRYME’s Hardware and Software Guarantee covers defects in materials and workmanship in STRYME-branded hardware and software products, including STRYME-branded peripheral products.

No support – 1 year guarantee
Basic Support Package – 3 years guarantee
Premium Support Package – 5 years guarantee
Elite Support Agreement – 5+ years guarantee

Support & Guarantee
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