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Thursday, 26.05.2011

The genesis of Superterminal

Close collaboration between STRYME and ORF

The story began in the late 90’s when ORF Austria decided to install a new router with 256x512 nodes. This router was required to provide video and audio signals to any relevant production and playout infrastructure.

Since the chosen manufacturer’s router panels were complicated to operate by inexperienced personnel and quite expensive, ORF’s planning department designed an easy-to-install and easy-to-use prototype of a router control which could be used from any standard browser on any office PC.

Since the prototype turned out to be popular among operational people, it was decided to start commercial development of this system: Superterminal was born. Commercial development was undertaken by a small project team which had to learn the requirements of the broadcasting business from scratch.

Nowadays most of these team members belong to an Austrian company called STRYME, which is still doing a development job.

One of the most demanding aspects was to find a rights management scheme. A mixed security model based on IP address and user accounting was developed. Introducing Superterminal for small local routers also gave STRYME a uniform, intuitive and quite popular user-interface over the whole router infrastructure. Furthermore it helped to save money with respect to educational costs for the operators and reduced the number of hardware panels...

TVB-Europe May 2011 By Fergal Ringrose

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