3MobileTV Playout system

Simplify your workflow! GENESIX “channel in a box” VideoServer V6 transforms the programmevariety of3Live into an easy manageable information and entertainment channel.

„Since August 2015 STRYME is a reliable and high-quality supplier for our 3MobileTV Playout system and helps making our in-house TV channel 3Live available to all Austrians on mobile devices and Mac/PC through our 3MobileTV App and www.drei.at/3mobileTV.“, stated Günter Lischka, Senior Head of Marketing of Drei.

Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH as the third strongest market contributor with over 3.7 million customers was looking for an appropriate partner to transfer the external produced channel 3Live into an in-house produced solution.  3MobileTVoffers its customers a wide variety in the areas of information and entertainment with over 120 TV and radio channels.

The technical challengeconsisted of simplifying the broad product range and make programme planners’ life easier! STRYME convinced with its “channel in a box” system for clever and simple playout, programme planning and graphic solutions.

STRYME installed GENESIX Playlist Scheduler, GENESIX Graphic and GENESIX Playout Automation to plan music clips, fade in graphics and operate in a24/7playout automation.