5 Reasons STRYME is the better choice for your next broadcasting production

5 Reasons

Why companies with Higher Brand Awareness are Not always more preferable for broadcasting productions

When you’re searching for the best broadcasting architecture solution for your project, you want to ensure that you get the most out of your investment and as much value for your broadcasting production as possible. Brands help sometimes to identify benefits and quality standards. But is it always better to prefer the high renowned brands of broadcasting providers? Certainly not and here are STRYME’s compelling arguments why not:

1. Reasonable prices but high quality

So what's the catch? Customized offers are transparent at actual calculated costs without a detrimental effect on quality. Less operational processes enable less cost expenses. Reducing on unessential costs but not on quality, guarantees unbeatable prices.

2. Time saving through flexible automation processes

High renowned brand providers have complex organisational forms, which slows down their working processes. Smaller organizations on the contrary don’t have rigid structures or deadlocked company procedures that’s why those are able to instantly response to customer requests and changes.

3. Customized high-end appliances due to operational agility

Possible changes during the projects require fast reactions on behalf of the providers. A small agile team adjusts solutions fast on individual needs. It enhances internal consultations and target group-orientated measures to adapt high-end appliances immediately. Customized approach ensures agility, flexibility and openness to innovation.

4. Customer proximity and individualization

The bigger companies are, the more anonymous they become. The number of customers gets too unmanageable for them and decisions rarely meet those expectations. The result is a modular system, but not individual solutions. A key benefit of smaller organizations is the personal client’s relationship even with the CEO and direct contact with existing and potential customers. On focus are their requirements and expectations to according on their specific and individualized needs.

5. Reliability underpinned by trustable references

Handshake-quality.Trustworthiness. Reliability. Not only high renowned brand providers show those abilities.

“We decided to partner with STRYME because of their durable and reliable solutions – high-tech, yet reasonably priced. In this sense, the GENESIX VideoServer is a real asset for the Zambian government. Parliament TV now benefits from top quality made in Austria and a failsafe, versatile and user-friendly solution.

Michael Jaehnel, Head of Project Sales, sonoVTS
“STRYME was the only company that could offer us an all-in-one failsafe multi-channel solution, the right graphics workflow with real-time graphics feeds, and a streaming functionality at a reasonable price. That is why we chose STRYME to join us in this project.”

Luca Catalano, CEO of the Italian broadcast and telecoms solutions specialist C.V.E.

Your broadcasting production architecture is the heart piece of your daily business. Getting reliable state-of-the-art technology at reasonable prices might be what you’re aiming for. But purchasing this from a nontraditional big player doesn't necessarily put you at a disadvantage. In fact, getting high-quality tailor-fitted solutions with unbeatable prices from an already industry-trusted partner reference offers you extremely compelling benefits. Remember, preferring high renowned brand providers are not always the better choice.

We can offer you the expertise and all the advice you need to help you adapt your broadcasting production concept to your audience and your business.

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