GENESIX StreamViewer - The Ingest Tool of the V9

GENESIX StreamViewer

GENESIX StreamViewer

GENESIX StreamViewer

Watch: A Utility with Matchless Benefits.

Inspiring. Ingenious. Ingest. Viewing experiences change. Platforms evolve in a snap. Codecs and formats are short-lived. Keeping up to date, maintaining smooth workflows and producing quality footage takes a lot of effort.

Let the GENESIX StreamViewer Platform work for you:

  • It bundles, records and harmonizes all codecs and formats (e.g. Facebook-Live is converted to DNxHD)
  • Automatic upgrades provide you with much needed updates and maximum compatibility
  • Monetize your workflows – get more formats for less money
  • Rent-A-Format: Enjoy the flexibility of renting the codecs and formats you need
  • Pay-Per-Use: Offer your viewers consistent high quality – month after month

access to more content, faster ingest

Perfect for News and Morning Shows