GENESIX V7 – the first ever 16 SD/HD channels VideoServer

ONE STEP AHEAD – With 16 flexibly configurable input/output channels (SD/HD/4K ready) packed into the ultra-slim 2U GENESIX VideoServer V7, STRYME is forging ahead in multichannel broadcasting. As the very first company in the industry, the long-term supplier of the Austrian Broadcast Corporation (ORF) and internationally successful broadcast solutions expert will launch its new flagship product at theHamburg Open on January 19, 2017.

The compact and ultra-slim design of the high-tech GENESIX VideoServer V7 with 16 HD channels is an ideal space-saving solution for OB-Vans. With even more flexibility, usability and control, it boosts Multi-Cam Ingest performance. It comes complete with more functionalities that simplify, speed up and optimize workflows, such as the time-saving Transfer While Capture function. On top of that, it offers even more possibilities and precision, e.g. with the Edit While Capture function that ensures simultaneous and frameaccurate Multi-Cam Ingest – the ideal solution for live sports broadcasts and post-production highlight cuts.

STRYME CEO Goce Zdravkoski sums up: “Our customers expect the best: consistent high quality and reliability as well as a sophisticated, cost-effective and failsafe technical solution that meets their needs – today and tomorrow. Our 2U GENESIX VideoServer V7 with 16 flexibly configurable HD channels meets all these needs, and more. It is currently unmatched in the industry.”

STRYME will showcase the GENESIX VideoServer V7 at the Hamburg Open on January 19, 2017 as another innovative broadcasting solution.