GENESIX VideoServer V9 Workflow

A Unique Ingest Solution

GENESIX VideoServer V9 Workflow


Key Benefits:

- Any format or codec
- Stream from mobile devices or any online live streams
- Less broadcast equipment / 1 video server
- Lower costs
- More connectivity
- Automated processes

- Faster content production
- Reduction of workload


How Will You Benefit from GENESIX VideoServer V9?

Redesigned to ingeniously ingest every format and every codec – used today and still to come – the GENESIX VideoServer V9 sets new standards. A single GENESIX VideoServer is all it takes. Edit, store, plan, schedule & playout easily and quickly. Access, retrieve and control media assets reliably and safely. Go on air and thrill viewers with the quality footage they expect. Encode, decode and upscale every format and every codec.