Good governance: STRYME & sonoVTS bring Zambian Parliament live to the people

In September 2017, the National Assembly of Zambia put its new Parliament Television into operation. STRYME, long-term supplier of the Austrian Broadcast Corporation (ORF) and internationally renowned broadcast solutions expert, and sonoVTS, a leader in the broadcast industry from Germany, devised a user-friendly state-of-the-art solution to enable live broadcasts of parliamentary debates. To implement the project, the Zambian government, having embarked on a path of transparency and good governance, received financial support from the German Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KFW). MCI’s Studio Berlin provided consultative advice.

The project setup included cameras that were installed on the walls of the Parliament Chamber and in three conference rooms. Live debates from these four locations are recorded simultaneously, using a STRYME 4-in Multi-Cam Ingest solution. Part of the Press Gallery was turned into a TV studio which was equipped with a GENESIX VideoServer, complete with Master Control and Playout Automation: Four ultra-fast incoming (ingest) channels capture and record all live images (clips) locally on the GENESIX VideoServer. Simultaneously, the GENESIX Transfer Manager transports and records these clips and metadata – using Transfer While Capture – to a third-party archive (Proxy from VITEC) where they are stored for one month in HD broadcast quality. After expiry of the storage period, clips and metadata are moved to a tape library.

Using the GENESIX Playlist Scheduler, planning, setting up, arranging, editing and scheduling a playlist or enhancing it with graphics material from the clip files stored on the GENESIX VideoServer is as easy as child’s play. The Playout Automation module simply takes care of everything else: it broadcasts parliamentary debates, events and celebrations automatically as scheduled, and, if needed, on a 24/7 basis. Of course, the GENESIX VideoServer comes with different recording functions, especially those required by the client, such as Crash/Scheduled/Loop as part of the real-time ingest, and is compatible with different codecs (XDCAM HD, ProRes, DNxHD or XAVC). Integrating the GENESIX VideoServer into third-party systems or adding new material is real easy.

“We decided to partner with STRYME because of their durable and reliable solutions – hightech, yet reasonably priced. In this sense, the GENESIX VideoServer is a real asset for the Zambian government. Parliament TV now benefits from top quality made in Austria and a failsafe, versatile and user-friendly solution,” commends Michael Jaehnel, Head of Project Sales at sonoVTS.

“We were challenged to ease and optimize the client’s workflows with a tailor-made, flexible and future-proof set-up. Today’s requirements should anticipate and meet tomorrow’s needs. We were honored to join sonoVTS in this high-profile project and provide the National Assembly of Zambia with a sophisticated, fully equipped GENESIX VideoServer”, says STRYME CEO Goce Zdravkoski.