Looking for a fast mobile production solution?


Last news article we reported about our mobile video content transfer solution. This time we would like to give you more insights and details about the particular products in GENESIX 2GO:

The ALL-IN-ONE video server

GENESIX VideoServer 2U


An up to 16 Channels all-In-One ingest, graphic and playout solution for small and medium-sized broadcasters. 4K UHD Ready and a 5-years guarantee.

mobile. fast. tough.

Mobile Storage

Immidiate data transportation in real time up to 16 CH (XDCM HD 422) right after recording. Comes with a protective, rugged hard rubber case and built-in carry handle.

up to 16 channels...


Nonstop Loop Recording with scheduled Ingest, Edit While Capture, Crash/batch recording and many more. Up to 16 Channels.

intelligent storage management

GENESIX Media Asset Management

Administration at its peak with major NLE’s integration, proxy editing/preview, custom XML-data, quick search and intelligent storage management.

stable to high bandwidth and fast

GENESIX Transfer Manager

Copies automatically all video clips from the playlist to the playout server’s local video storage by TransferWhileCapture.

to offer cutter a clear and user-friendly structure

GENESIX AutoNaming

Names and categorizes clips and camera settings in logically structured (sub-) directories, sets up and customizes individual user profiles and reuses clips at a later stage or for other productions. Focus more on your main work.