STRYME boosts any OB-Van production with its highly flexible multi-cam ingest solution

Whether Live, Sport or News events when it comes to live HD productions, it requires maximum flexibility in turns of on-location multicamera setups and OB-Van systems. Speed and simplicity, efficiency and flexibility, superior usability and reliability are top priorities for all workflows.

Cost-effective – Compact – High-tech

Ideal for the confined spaces in OB-Vans and ideal for managing workflows with simultaneous Multi-Cam Ingest.

Uncompromising Performance:

  • Easy-to-use & intuitive interface

  • Space-saving, simultaneous multi-cam ingest, instant editing, clip management, time saving clip transfer and many more

  • Specifically designed to be directly on the spot

The speed and ease with which the GENESIX VideoServer was integrated into existing processes has impressed Milan Kicin, CEO at ELVIA-PRO Slovakia, s.r.o.: “GENESIX has truly exceeded our expectations. The system’s technological precision, its user friendliness, and the simple, yet intuitive Multi-Cam Ingest functions make live HD productions child’s play. It’s the ideal choice for broadcast studios on the move!”

OB-Van Multi-Cam Ingest SOLUTION

STRYME's passion is synonymous with openess to new trends and ideas. Cherishing customer feedback and innovative ideas. And creating workflows to operate agile and remaining open and flexible to custom development requirements.