Unique and economical – The new STRYME-Vizrt end-to-end solution offers small, medium-sized and specialized broadcasters unrivalled benefits for first-class live coverage, news productions and channel branding!

STRYME, known for uncompromising quality and reliable out-of-the box solutions that simplify, speed up and optimize daily broadcast workflows, and Vizrt, the leading provider of graphics production tools for the digital media industry, offer smaller media companies a new cost-effective end-to-end solution – the GENESIX-VIZRT Package – complete with the high-class broadcast graphics normally reserved for large broadcasters.

The GENESIX-VIZRT Package is both unique and economical. It joins the Vizrt graphic engine with the Austrian market leader’s core product, the GENESIX VideoServer. With “Vizrt inside”, the GENESIX Videoserver V7 empowers small, medium-sized and specialized media companies to step up their channel branding, use animated 3D scenes in real time and produce high-end animations in HD, and soon in 4K and beyond. It provides TV stations with what viewers expect: state-of-the-art broadcasting.

“Working together with STRYME opens up a new market for Vizrt.”

Dr. François Laborie, COO of Vizrt

Whether for live coverage, news or sports productions, the cost-effective end-to-end solution from STRYME and Vizrt opens smaller market participants and niche players the door to the proven quality normally used by broadc asters. “Our clients rely on first-class quality, sophisticated and failsafe solutions to operate their TV station and channels. The cooperation with Vizrt was a real coup: it enabled us to combine the best from STRYME with Vizrt in a box at a reasonable price,” STRYME CEO Goce Zdravkoski proudly states. For Francois Laborie, COO of Vizrt, the unique cooperation is equally promising: “Working together with STRYME opens up a new market for Vizrt”.

The GENESIX-VIZRT Package is a successful high-tech symbiosis of two leading industry brands, giving TV stations everything they need. As a fully integrated module, the Vizrt graphic engine offers more than just compatibility. Goce Zdravkoski explains: “We offer our customers and partners around the world what they value most: our renowned GENESIX Videoserver V7 for around-the-clock playout automation plus the globally leading graphics engine in a cost-effective end-to-end solution. There is nothing like it on the market today.”The seventh generation GENESIX VideoServer with “Vizrt inside” uses a common video and hardware environment as well as a professional client/server product architecture. Therefore, no additional costs are incurred for development. Similarly, there is no risk of substitutability because the dual Vizrt graphic engine (Viz Engine) has been specially adapted for this purpose. To this end, STRYME’s basic GENESIX-VIZRT Package includes:

  • Dual Viz Engine adapted for GENESIX
  • Plugins Bundle (Viz Text FX, Viz Image FX, Viz Pixel FX, Viz Real FX, Viz Spline FX)
  • Vizrt’s Media Sequencer adapted for GENESIX
  • Viz Trio adapted for GENESIX

Just like its predecessors, the GENESIX VideoServer V7 is a fully-fledged, highly flexible multi-channel solution that makes real-time graphics feeds, advertisement and product placements on the fly as easy as child’s play. As a future-proof solution, it is also 4K UHD-ready, offering four times the resolution of HDTV.

“The cooperation with Vizrt was a real coup: it enabled us to combine the best from STRYME with Vizrt in a box at a reasonable price.”

Goce Zdravkoski, MBA, CEO of STRYME

The new STRYME-VIZRT solution thus marks another milestone in the company’s success story. Over the past five years, the international broadcast solutions expert has fast-tracked its strategic market expansion. Alongside a number of key projects implemented locally in Austria, STRYME has collaborated, among others, with ARRI, ZDF and DAF in Germany, with TV Suedostschweiz and TELE TOP in Switzerland, Telekom Italia, SVGA in Russia, and most recently with SanAm Technology Inc. for SkyTV in South Korea. In the near future, STRYME aims to further strengthen its market position in the German speaking countries and expand into new markets in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Balkans.