Tubicon. Smart news in a snap.

TUBICON is an innovative App for live productions, which addresses the needs of broadcasters who grapple with rising costs on the one hand and streaming media that poach their viewers on the other hand.


Smart Live Producing.

TUBICON comes with an intuitive user interface that makes live productions child’s play, anytime and anywhere. It ensures a top-quality viewing experience for thousands at a fraction of the usual costs. It is an ideal add-on for broadcasters who want to reach more viewers and a young audience with breaking news or events that unfold.


TUBICON. Smart news in a snap

Using the App requires no assistance from station teams or support from local or OB hardware. A smartphone is all you need to quickly cover breaking news, sports or shows and generate the quality content you want when you need it. Alternatively, up to four smartphones can be used to capture different camera settings. A tablet steers and mixes your live content. TUBICON handles all production and distribution workflows in the cloud and streams it, generates graphics effects if needed, uses facial recognition, synchronizes audio and video, adapts and upscales video content to ensure a high-quality resolution.