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Live & Sport Production

STRYME’s Live & Sport solution is especially designed for all kind of sports and live events. Preparing and finalizing the output material of Multi-Cam input, the program is also best equipped to process material that is still in production.

Just rely on the out-of-the box 8 in / 4 out GENESIX VideoServer and GENESIX TDIR Commander for around-the-clock precision provided for your Live & Sport solution.

With GENESIX live-production-infrastructure the experience of Live Events is identical as being on-site physically. This is guaranteed by GENESIX'S technology of speed, precision and reliability.

Our up-to-date Live & Sport solution enhances your production to the maximum level. With our state-of-the-art GENESIX TDIR Commander – with SloMo for highlight generating while recording at multichannel usage completed with SloMo playback - Live events are produced with precision and sophistication for the detail. Especially our 8 in / 4 out in 1 Single Server ensures high-quality output. Features such as GENESIX Edit While Capture  for instant editing with all Codecs and for all NLEs, optional augmented graphics of 3rd party and Codec’s such as XDCAM HD, ProRes, P2, DNxHD, H.264 are native components of this solution.

Broadcasting live and sport events has never been such an easy workflow!

live & sport production



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Key Benefits

  • 8 in / 4 out up to 16 Ch in 1 single  video server
  • cost effective solution with integrated TDIR / SloMo for highlight generating while recording
  • Sport Live to easily copy simultaneously all camera’s time settings and deletable playlist items
  • Time saving Transfer While Capture with all Codecs (NAS, Storage, USB HDD, Mobile Storage)
  • Easy integration into existing 3rd party systems (AVID Interplay Integration)
  • Codec support: XDCAM, ProRes, P2, DNxHD, XAVC, AVC-Intra, H.264 …
  • Future proof: IP based ST 2022-6, 2022-7, 2110
  • 4K UHD Ready
  • Open system through MOS, VDCP, GPI, TCP/IP (highly smart scalability)
  • Edit While Capture for instant editing with all Codecs and for all NLEs (Final Cut, Premiere Pro, AVID Media Composer)
  • 5 years guarantee & Care Packs

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Case Study

STRYME has teamed up with its Italian counterpart C.V.E. Italy to implement a multi-channel videoserver solution for Telecom Italia’s new live broadcasts of sport and soccer events and optimize targeted air time of advertisement and product placements inbetween games.


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