Multi-Cam Ingest / OB-Van Advanced

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Multi-Cam Ingest / OB-Van Advanced

With STRYME’s ultra-slim 2U – up to 16 HD Channels - GENESIX VideoServer your company can easily speed up and simplify OB-Van productions of sports, news and other live programs. Speed and simplicity, efficiency and flexibility as well as maximum usability and reliability are top priorities for streamlining workflows, especially when it comes to live HD productions. With GENESIX you are on the safe side. It is cost-effective and compact, an ideal high-tech solution for the confined spaces in OB-Vans.

Everything your broadcasting needs for a highly flexible Multi-Cam Ingest / OB-Van Advanced solution in a 2U up to 16 HD Channels video server.

To simplify and optimize editing synchronized recordings from several camera settings (simultaneous Multi-Cam Ingest) are copied in parallel to an external NAS storage, using time-saving GENESIX Transfer While Capture function. GENESIX Edit While Capture enables users to keep the suspense of live moments by delivering the right clips in an instant. For quick and easy retrieval, the cutting-edge GENESIX AutoNaming function automatically names and categorizes clips and camera settings in logically structured (sub-) directories, sets up and customizes individual user profiles and reuses clips at a later stage or for other productions. To offer cutters a clear and user-friendly structure. For efficient Multi-Cam Ingest, all – up to 16 - grouped ingest channels are started simultaneously.

Start now to benefit from a sophisticated, all-in-one failsafe solution that ensures uninterrupted live broadcasting at a reasonable price. The GENESIX VideoServer is integrable fast, simple and user friendly into existing processes. Through its IP based (ST 2022-6, 2022-7, 2110) technology it grants a future proofed operation. Your ideal choice for precise broadcast studios on the move!

multi-cam ingest / OB-van advanced



Key Benefits

  • Space saving 2U video server for speed up & simplifying OB-Van live production
  • Simultaneous Multi-Cam Ingest up to 16 Ch
  • 4K UHD Ready
  • Edit While Capture for instant editing with all Codecs and for all NLEs (Final Cut, Premiere Pro, AVID Media Composer)
  • Auto Naming for naming and categorizing clips, ready to use for structured editing
  • Time saving Transfer While Capture with all Codecs (NAS, Storage, USB HDD, Mobile Storage)
  • Codec support: XDCAM, ProRes, P2, DNxHD, XAVC, AVC-Intra, H.264 …
  • Easy integration into existing 3rd party systems (AVID Interplay Integration)
  • Open system through MOS, VDCP, GPI, TCP/IP (highly smart scalability)
  • Sophisticated, all-in-one failsafe solution at a reasonable price
  • 5 years guarantee & Care Packs

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Slovakia’s largest private TV station, TV Markíza, selected STRYME’s flagship product to speed up and simplify OB-Van productions.


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