STRYME Tubicon


From playlist creation to delivery and archiving, you’ll be on cloud nine!

Reach out to your audience with a light and lean state-of-the-art channel on YouTube or in social media. Whether live stream or program content, it’s simply set up, affordable (rent or buy), and requires no special skills.


  • Start-ups
  • News, sports, live events
  • Education
  • Corporate / Political affairs
  • Music, fashion, lifestyle


  • One click on-air
  • Rent-a-channel
  • Reasonable Prices
  • 24/7 TV-in-a-Cloud
  • Entire broadcast workflow in the cloud
  • No need for professional hardware nor maintenance
  • Simple storage up-/downgrade
  • 7 primary functions: Ingest, Live Stream, MAM,Scheduler, Graphic, Automation, Share
  • High-quality & reliability by STRYME´s industry experience

Cloud-Based Broadcasting


  1. UP | TUBICON Ingest (FTP / HTTP)
    Create your own TV channel within minutes! It all begins by uploading your video clips into the cloud.
    1. LIVE | TUBICON Live Stream (RTP)
      You decide which live events go on air. Just switch from video clips to Live.
      Managing your clips and content in the cloud has never been so simple and quick!
    3. PLAN | TUBICON Scheduler
      Be your own director by planning and scheduling detailed events or programs 24/7.
    4. DESIGN | TUBICON Graphic Design
      Boost your creativity! Bring life to your workflow and generate high-quality content.
    5. PLAY | TUBICON Automation
      Your followers, subscribes and viewers of your channel will instantly experience your composition 24/7.
  3. SHARE | TUBICON Streaming Platforms
    TUBICON brings your video channels to your global audience reliably and in short time – in STRYME’s quality.

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