JUST PLUG & PLAY IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY: ORF emergency broadcasts rely on GENESIX VideoServers

Simplicity. High quality. Failsafe reliability. Ease of use. Just like every other broadcast solution developed by STRYME for the Austrian Broadcast Corporation (ORF) over the past 15 years, the emergency system had to meet the exact same criteria – and more.

If the ORF center and main production studios are incapacitated by a disaster hitting the greater Vienna region, emergency operations must bring ORF back on air in a snap. After all, many people must be kept informed. STRYME acted swiftly and devised two ultra-slim GENESIX V9 VideoServers as the brain of a hassle-free, future-proof plug and play solution. Tucked away at a safe location in the Alpine Republic, the system is ready to be activated at any time via secure remote access.


Josef Semler, Senior Project Manager at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) elaborates in detail: "When we decided to set up an emergency broadcast system, we knew the GENESIX VideoServer would again be the right choice. We have worked with GENESIX solutions for years and each one has proven to be reliable in 24/7 setup. When we asked STRYME to help us realize this new project, they quickly came up with an excellent plug and play solution in form of two powerful GENESIX VideoServers. We built our emergency system around this solid foundation, knowing the video servers would warrant simplified broadcast operations in the event of a disaster.”