Tubicon. Smart news in a snap.

TUBICON is an innovative app for Smart Live Producing. It was designed by STRYME for content producers caught between the rising costs of video production and getting their message to market faster.

This cloud-based app enables journalists, reporters and other types of content producers to use smartphones to reach more viewers when it matters most–instantly–and stream it live via Facebook and other social media platforms in real time and in HD.


Smart Live Producing.

TUBICON's intuitive user interface enables users an easy access for live production anytime and anywhere. It produces a high-quality viewing experience for thousands at a fraction of the usual costs, making it ideal for broadcasters who want to reach more viewers the minute events or news breaks.


TUBICON. Smart news in a snap

TUBICON requires no assistance or support from stations or teams, or from local or OB hardware. All that is required to quickly stream and generate high-quality content is a smartphone. Nonetheless, up to four smartphones can be used to stream a video, and a tablet to mix and apply a variation of multiple features e.g. objects tracking and facial recognition. TUBICON manages all production and distribution workflows in the cloud: it generates graphical effects; synchronizes audio and video; and adapts, upsamples, and streams high-resolution video.