STRYME & sonoVTS bring
Zambian Parliament live to the people.

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Flexible solutions - sustainable thinking

STRYME is your best choice for any broadcasting and media industry solution.

Located in Vienna, STRYME has been providing and developing tailored professional broadcast and automation solutions for small, medium-sized and specialized broadcasters for more than a decade. The Austrian market leader is known for uncompromising quality and reliable out-of-the box solutions that simplify, speed up and optimize daily broadcast workflows. 


So simple, so efficient, so STRYME: Our experienced and well-established team of consultants and engineers guides and advises you to realize any project. Our support ranges from advice and development right up to integration and realization during the entire project phase. In doing so, we take up challenges with almost passionate perfectionism.

You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow!



Customized tools designed by our experienced engineers give broadcasters more flexibility to keep the standards high and reduce perfection to necessary. As a trouble shooter we operate fast, flexible, reliable and affordable to any expectation. STRYME aims to offer high quality standards for any broadcasters: Our products not just reflect the needs of the market. They also support the latest technologies and are unique in terms of performance, stability and customization. Expert know-how made in Austria.


The Broadcast "WOW" NEWSFLASH

STRYME drives broadcast innovation to step up workflows, boost live broadcasts and post-production.
Experience broadcast efficiency redefined:


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References speak louder than words!

Over the years, STRYME has built up a comprehensive knowledge base. Every one of our clients has specific needs that require individual, tailor-made solutions. What our clients have in common is their understanding of the importance of efficient workflows.

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