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Thursday, 09.07.2015

STRYME announces Adobe Premiere integration!

Do what you do best!

We are aware of the fact that the Adobe Product Suite is becoming more and more important in daily journalistic workflows.
STRYME’s Adobe Premiere Pro integration allows working in the environment you are most productive in, with the knowledge that underlying is an advanced media asset management (MAM) system, that is taking care of the fundamentals while granting reliable access to the files needed. 
The GENESIX library can be easily opened through the Adobe Premiere interface and handled via DRAG and DROP.

With the GENESIX Library, video footage, audio and graphics material can be managed on an XML basis. It also allows the efficient management of the Playout module’s playlists.
Besides traditional content management and editing freely defined metadata, playlists can be managed, generated or edited via an integrated playlist editor, without needing direct access to the Playout module.
With automatically generated thumbnail previews, different display options, filter and search functions, content can be located quickly. With the click of a mouse button the “favorites” folder ensures system-wide availability of frequently used content.

So, you can do, what you do best - work in your common NLE, on your familiar interface and your intuitive skills.

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