STRYME Brodstar

AI-based Stream Comparison Made by STRYME


The BRODSTAR Analyzer not only monitors loss of sound and image but automatically compares the quality levels of different transmission signals and sets off an alarm in case of deviations. This 24/7 video and audio comparison of signals is a novelty that is unmatched in the industry.

BRODSTAR has been designed as a fully-automatic 24/7 real-time quality monitoring software by means of signal comparison.

In tandem with STRYME’s unique GENESIX platform, the BRODSTAR Analyzer significantly increases broadcast quality, availability and failure safety. For broadcasters this means smooth operations and top-notch levels of security while saving time and money.

BRODSTAR warrants a seamless, uninterrupted viewer experience, boosting customer satisfaction at the same time with increased broadcast quality.

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World's first fully automatic program monitoring


  • Made by STRYME as Dolby Licensed Manufacturer
  • Real-time analyzing tool with BRODSTAR
    algorithm made by STRYME
  • Full automation without additional running
  • Compliance recording and logging
  • Includes Dolby Professional Decoder


  • Fully-automatic 24/7 real-time quality monitoring with Dolby Professional Decoder
  • Video and audio comparison of signals
  • Warrants seamless, uninterrupted viewer experience
  • Delivers top-quality broadcasting for more customer satisfaction
  • Saves you time and money
  • Gives you the edge in a highly competitive market

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