GENESIX VideoServer V11


up to 16 HD or 4 UHD

STRYME's ultra-slim 2U GENESIX VideoServer V10 is the only high-tech server on the market with up to 16xHD or 4xUHD channels that supports every format and every codec.

  • 16 HD or 4 UHD (XAVC, ProRes, DNxHR)
  • 2U perfectly for OB-Vans
  • IP ST2110 support
  • 5-year guarantee
  • IT security package & antivirus
  • Ingest, Playout & MAM included

Streamline your workflows from multi-cam ingest to high-quality playout:

  • Speed and simplicity
  • Efficiency and flexibility
  • Maximum usability
  • Unmatched reliability
  • Ready to use

Our international clients agree: GENESIX is a sophisticated, all-in-one failsafe solution that ensures uninterrupted live broadcasting at a reasonable price.

Get what you need, when you need it.


Why buy expensive broadcast equipment when you can rent it? Why battle with complexity when there is a user-friendly alternative that can be used immediately? Rent-a-GENESIX makes sense, in more ways than one.



more inside than ever before

GENESIX Features

The basic configuration GENESIX VIDEOSERVER includes Ingest,
Playout and Media Asset Management.



GENESIX App now available for iOS, enabling easy and user-friendly remote control of the VideoServer, enhancing any type of video production. Download

  • Multichannel control
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Available for free on the Apple Store
  • Simple touch-screen controls
  • Flexible and usable anywhere
  • Supports a variety of video production applications


Unique multicam ingest with accurate frame recording with up to 16 channels or 4 UHD at every codec. Precise capture ready to use for editing.

  • Multichannel SD/HD/4K Ingest
  • 24/7 Loop recording
  • Crash/batch recording
  • Scheduled Ingest
  • Edit While Capture
  • TDIR Multichannel Commander
  • Motion detection

GENESIX Web Scheduler

STRYME combined the 16 channels with an intelligent web-based time scheduler, enabling companies to record any type of content from anywhere in the world at any time and automatically save it for post-production's inhouse database.
Functioning as a smart management tool, STRYME’s web-based time scheduler is an intuitive calendar that has taken content recording to the next level. Users simply access it via any conventional web browser.

A quick preview of all 16 recording channels tells you

  • which channels currently record what content
  • which are immediately free for recording new or live content
  • which time slots will shortly be available
  • which recording channel is best suited for a particular type of content

With just a few clicks scheduled recording is narrowed down to precise timing.

GENESIX StreamViewer

Inspiring. Ingenious. Ingest. Viewing experiences change. Platforms evolve in a snap. Codecs and formats are short-lived. Keeping up to date, maintaining smooth workflows and producing quality footage takes a lot of effort.

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  • It bundles, records and harmonizes all codecs and formats (e.g. Facebook-Live is converted to DNxHD)
  • Automatic upgrades provide you with much needed updates and maximum compatibility
  • Monetize your workflows – get more formats for less money
  • Rent-A-Format: Enjoy the flexibility of renting the codecs and formats you need
  • Pay-Per-Use: Offer your viewers consistent high quality – month after month

GENESIX Streaming Package

Redesigned to ingeniously ingest every format and every codec – used today and still to come – the GENESIX VideoServer V9 sets new standards. A single GENESIX VideoServer is all it takes. Edit, store, plan, schedule & playout easily and quickly. Access, retrieve and control media assets reliably and safely. Go on air and thrill viewers with the quality footage they expect. Encode, decode and upscale every format and every codec.

GENESIX Studio Playout

The GENESIX Studio Playout is a professional and sturdy playout application for live and studio environments. It manages multiple rundowns simultaneously by sharing centralized resources.

  • 16 Playout channels simultaneously
  • Multiple channel control
  • Graphic & video overlays
  • Fill and key
  • TDIR Multichannel Commander

GENESIX Playout Automation

The GENESIX Playout Automation is a flexible 24/7 playout solution with powerful planning capabilities.

  • Multichannel SD/HD/4K Playout
  • 24/7 Playout reliablility
  • High redundancy level
  • VDCP/GPI/MOS support
  • Easy & smooth integration into 3rd party systems
GENESIX Playout Automation

GENESIX Media Asset Management

With GENESIX Media Asset Management video footage, audio and graphic material can easily be administered. Content management and editing, freely defined meta data and playlist can be managed, generated or edited via an integrated playlist editor.

With automatically generated thumbnail previews, different display options, filter and search functions as well as quick content location.

  • Intelligent Storage Management
  • Quick Search
  • Integration with major NLE‘s
  • Custom XML-Data
  • Proxy editing/preview
GENESIX Media Asset Management


The powerful TDIR Multichannel Commander gives users full control of studio operations, news and sports coverage, live productions, and OB vans. Stryme’s unique TDIR function offers state-of-the-art broadcasting:

  • Direct Ingest and Playout steering complete with SloMo Playback
  • Generating Highlights while recording as well as feeding them in during or at the end of a live production
  • Multichannel usage
  • High professional broadcast remote control for multiple videoservers

GENESIX Graphics

The GENESIX Graphic package handles all the modules needed for generating high quality 2D/3D broadcasting graphics in real time. New graphic layout templates can quickly and easily be designed as needed since many different templates are already included.

The GENESIX Advanced Graphic Composer is an optional powerful service-orientated graphic engine with a vast array of easy-to-use functions.

  • Timeline alignment
  • Multiple preview options
  • Assistance from numerous functional tools
  • Graphic templates ready for use
  • Channel branding
  • Intuitive usability to generate high-quality graphics with just a few clicks
Timeline alignment Multiple preview options Assistance from numerous functional tools Graphic templates ready for use Channel branding Intuitive usability to generate high-quality  graphics with just a few clicks

GENESIX Playlist Scheduler

Program planning is easy with the GENESIX Playlist Scheduler’s graphic user interface.

To plan and arrange programs, all it takes is a simple drag and drop from the GENESIX Media Asset Management.

The XML-format ensures maximum compatibility with other systems.

GENESIX Playlist Scheduler

GENESIX Transfer Manager

The GENESIX Transfer Manager copies automatically all video clips from the playlist to the playout server’s local video storage. In combination with GENESIX Ingest, clips are automatically copied or moved to the central storage, using our specially developed copy engine for NLE facilitates editing.

The GENESIX Transfer Manager ensures high availability of all personal files.

  • Guaranteed Data Transfer
  • Multi-Destination
  • Easy export management
  • Transfer-While-Capture
GENESIX Transfer Manager


Multichannel playlist rundown

ABRoll is a combination of a centralized multichannel playlist and a studio playout, designed to connect and visualize channels.

It ensures easy handling and efficient time management on an intuitive drag and drop interface.



GENESIX NewsEdit - especially designed for instant editing - meets all the needs a newsroom requires. It enables on the fly rendering, minimizes time to air, and strikes the demands of a fast and permanent changing broadcast environment. Speed, ease and reliability of editing graphics, videos and audio make it a highly flexible studio production tool.

  • For instant rendering in real-time
  • Reduces time to air
  • Sophisticated news & studio solution editing tool

GENESIX Sport Live

GENESIX Sport Live is specially designed for various sports and live events. At full speed it prepares and finalizes the output material of several cameras for up to 8 in / 4 out. Highlight features such as an accurate speed and slow motion mode, jog and shuttle to accentuate specific live moments, as well as processing material that is still in production make it to an inalienable application for on-air broadcasting.

  • 8 in / 4 out from 1 video server
  • Easy and simultaneous copy of all camera perspectives
  • SloMo for highlight generating while recording, multichannel usage, playback
GENESIX Sport Live


Master Control Playout derives as the best master control solution that simplifies your playout workflows straight from creation to air.

SAW is an automation module that combines primary and secondary events safely. Its modular architecture ensures flexibility in terms of system integration and adaptability, making it fit into nearly every studio infrastructure.


GENESIX Loop Recorder

Compliance Recording

The GENESIX Loop Recorder records the entire output material one-to-one for a statutory 10-week period and deletes it automatically afterwards. Features such as self re-naming sources, optional imbedded time-code, downloadable and automatic language recognition make the GENESIX Loop Recorder a highly flexible compliance recording solution. For quick and easy operation, this brand-new function enables multiple client access.

  • Compliance recording solutions for a 10 week statutory period
  • Easy export function of archived clips
  • Intuitive surface
  • Embedded time-code within the video
  • Compatible with all browsers and operating systems
GENESIX Loop Recorder

GENESIX Metadator

Metadator – to highlight key frame settings

Marking, editing and jumping to highlights has never been that easy. Metadator comes with STRYME’s highly flexible Multi-Cam Ingest solution. Its main purpose is to highlight key frames by easily marking specific occasions of an event in a user-friendly manner.

  • Fast and functional
  • 6 x 6 grid
  • up to 5 users in real time
  • XML or CLS-based
  • Highlighting metadata bookmarks
  • User-friendly surface
  • Quick & clear highlight overviews

GENESIX AutoNaming

Offers cutters a clear and user-friendly structure

For quick and easy retrieval, the brand-new AutoNaming function automatically names and categorizes clips and camera settings in logically structured directories and sub-directories. In the wink of an eye, the cutter finds the clips needed for editing, re-sequencing, post-production highlight cuts, etc. AutoNaming also makes it easy to set up and customize individual user profiles and reuse clips at a later stage or for other productions.

  • Names and categorizes clips
  • Perfect for easy and quick editing
  • Easy to set up and customize individual user profiles

GENESIX Security Package

With integrated antivirus software

STRYME's powerful GENESIX security package provides you with the best possible protection. It is interface-free and does not impact the performance of the server or the systems run on it.

The GENESIX Security Package is a standard feature of the GENESIX VideoServer and consists of 3 components:

  • A hardened Windows system
  • Daily update cycles
  • In-house antivirus software

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