Insurance agents from the Vienna Economic Chamber (WKO) produce live video material for training sessions using TUBICON

Insurance agents actively represent the interests of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) and act as service partners responsible for optimising legislative and work-specific framework conditions for entrepreneurs. Their tasks include the preparation of laws and training questions for insurance agents and the optimisation of checklists for persons interested in taking up the profession.

Karl Weisz, chair and trained economist representing the insurance agents at the Vienna Economic Chamber (WKW) and Ing. Paul Eichberger, deputy chair, were on location when the video was shot and were able to follow the live production with the app TUBICON and impart detailed information on how the product works during an interview with Mr Zdravkoski.  




“We would like to thank STRYME and especially Goce Zdravkoski, MBA, CEO and founder of STRYME and TUBICON and Clemens Czepe, CTO and co-founder for preparing the nine-hour-long video material," says Karl Weisz enthusiastically. "We are proud of our collaboration with this company, which thanks to the app TUBICON developed by them has enabled us and will continue to enable us to produce training content for webinars and various training and educational initiatives available for use by around 10000 insurance agents.”