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Cyber threats from malware, ransomware, phishing mails and even accidental attacks from insiders cause businesses all over the world much concern. In 2017[1], 7 out of 10 organizations said their security risk increased significantly. No doubt, the number and scale of attacks is on the rise. Hackers use a variety of methods, find new ways and new targets all the time. Broadcasters and companies alike are forced to take new measures to better protect themselves and their data.

the industry's only video server with a security package and standard antivirus protection

Case in point:

The strong convergence in international TV productions and the increasing number of cyber threats over the past few years made ORF and STRYME take a proactive stance. They stepped up IT security, implemented patch managements on a quarterly basis, a country-wide escalation matrix and adapted both structures and the organization to the rapidly changing environment and new industry standards. To further boost server protection, STRYME developed a brand-new future-proof security package with an integrated antivirus software.

Interview with Ing. Andreas Bauer, ORF | Head of Maintenance & Support

Clemens Czepe, STRYME | Chief Technical Officer



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Don‘t let cybersecurity jeopardize your broadcasting production


GENESIX Security Package


To boost resilience of a system run on a GENESIX VideoServer, STRYME uses a hardened Windows system, regular update cycles and its in-house antivirus software. This specially developed antivirus protection is both a standard and unique feature of the GENESIX Security Package. It provides the best possible protection without interfaces and without impacting the performance of the GENESIX VideoServer or the systems run on it. To ensure a consistent high security standard, STRYME recommends its Elite Care Pack, complete with level 3 support.


STRYME uses a hardened Windows system.


STRYME updates cycles periodically.


STRYME developed a special in-house antivirus software.

“We are the very first company in the industry to tackle cyber risks with a security package as a standard feature of our GENESIX VideoServer. It is an extremely resistant and future-proof solution that keeps threats at bay. To maintain this high security level, we keep track of the latest developments and constantly improve and update our systems and the antivirus software. To date, none of the GENESIX VideoServers operated by ORF have ever been hacked.” 

Goce Zdravkoski, MBA

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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