STRYME Brodstar

Program Monitoring & Logging

BRODSTAR is a fully-automatic 24/7 real-time quality monitoring software. As another technological innovation made by STRYME, BRODSTAR improves logging and analyzing activities by checking, comparing and adjusting digital delays and time lags.

The BRODSTAR Logger constantly compares the reference signal with the measurement signal, records it and calculates the extent of the time lag caused by e.g. the router, cables or wrong technical settings. This ensures a reliable comparison of video and audio outputs, aspect ratios and resolutions. The measurement signal accurately mirrors any delays and screen changes. Any deviance sets off an automatic alarm. BRODSTAR Logger helps broadcasters to efficiently monitor programs and improve quality levels where needed. Only one specialist is needed to effectively monitor this reliable broadcast failure safety system.

BRODSTAR Analyzer incorporates a set of functions. It generates case files with data errors to graphically display reference and measurement signals, outage of audio tracks, aspect ratio switches, change delays as well as other visual and sound differences.

The software uses a specially developed algorithm designed by STRYME. BRODSTAR steps up professional broadcast workflows, maximizes levels of security, saves time and money. More importantly, it grants viewers a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

program monitoring & logging



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Key Benefits

  • Compliance recording and logging
  • Program distribution monitoring
  • Permanent comparison of audio and video signals (time and quality differences)
  • Automatic alarm in case of errors
  • Analyzer graphically processes and displays errors
  • Processing of all SDI signals
  • Real-time analyzing tool (test and measurement)
  • Increases broadcast quality, availability and failure safety
  • Software based on GENESIX hardware and technology
  • Full automation without running costs
  • 5-year Guarantee & Care Packs

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